Reviews for the Trans Train

“Wow! Finally, a sane and rational voice for parents speaks up. Families have been so devastated by gender ideology, and we have had nearly no voice. Lisa Shultz writes about the anguish of parents and especially mothers of daughters. Please read and share this testimony with parents and others who have been impacted by those who subscribe to the ideas of gender and never allow debate or evidence to even be discussed.”
Jennifer Wesson
Author of The Gender Party
“This book is a helpful guide for parents whose children have been captured by radical gender ideology. Shultz identifies the modern trans movement for what it is—a regressive, anti-gay, and anti-woman crusade that reinforces harmful sex stereotypes and irrevocably harms vulnerable people.

She joins the voices of the many parents, women, gays, lesbians, and yes, transsexuals who are begging for the broader public to see ‘gender-affirming care’ for the medical scandal that it is.”
Ben Appel
Writer and Journalist
“There is no loss greater than the loss of a child, and in many ways, grieving a living child can be even more tragic. The Trans Train is a painful account of losing a child to gender ideology from the perspective of a parent, and it offers real insights into the shattering effects it has on families. But above all, it’s a testament to a mother’s unconditional love for her child, and Lisa offers a compassionate and informative account that will resonate with other parents isolated by this grief.”
January Littlejohn, Ed.S., LMHC
Parent of Desisted Child
“The Trans Train by Lisa Shultz presents a personal narrative combined with a well-referenced examination of the influence of gender ideology in American youth culture and is structured in a way that allows for a chronological understanding of her evolving perspectives.

Shultz’s storytelling is reflective, providing readers with insights into the challenges she faced in navigating these issues within her family. This book will be particularly helpful for parents who are encountering gender-related language and ideology that is new to them.”
The Genspect Team
“Lisa Shultz has written a passionate account of her family’s experience of devastation following her daughter’s declaration of a trans identity. It is a story of a loving parent struggling to make sense of the world that seems surreal. A world where a loving parent is the enemy. She shows how this war on reality has real victims.”
Jamie Reed, MS Clinical Research
Whistleblower from a United States Pediatric Gender Center
“In The Trans Train, Lisa Shultz conveys the heartbreak of losing her young adult daughter to a transgender ideology. Her pain is palpable as she tries to understand how her once-thriving child got captured by such a destructive ideology and felt the need to escape her natural body.

Any parent who has a gender-questioning child cannot help but deeply relate to her pain and the desire to insulate any young person from this regressive and harmful push to medicalize. Lisa vulnerably shares her own story in enough detail so the reader gets a good sense of the confusion, grief, isolation, anger, and hope for the future in this experience.

She also offers many resources to help readers respond to their own family challenges or to help them compassionately support other suffering parents of young people. Parents are often vilified for not doing enough to prevent the harm to their children or for causing the harm in the first place, but through her prose, Lisa demonstrates that parents walk the uncharted journey alone with weights tied to their ankles.”
Kristina Palumbo, Esq., and Erin Friday, Esq.
Our Duty–USA