The Trans Train

A Parent's Perspective on Transgender Medicalization and Ideology

About The Trans Train

The Trans Train brings awareness of what is happening from a clear and rational parent’s perspective of losing a daughter to the trans movement. New ideologies can be positive and progressive if they unite people and strengthen families. Yet gender ideology often cancels those who ask questions or disagree. It erodes the parent-child bond and shatters families. And it is affecting all sectors of society and women’s rights.

Lisa Shultz guides readers through this complex topic and offers loving hope, a vision of a better future, and a wealth of resources to further explore.


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What People are Saying About The Trans Train

“Lisa offers a compassionate and informative account that will resonate with other parents isolated by this grief.”
January Littlejohn, Ed.S.
LMHC, Parent of Desisted Child
“… particularly helpful for parents who are encountering gender-related language and ideology that is new to them.”

“A world where a loving parent is the enemy.”